About us

The Montessori Academy of Anaheim located near 91 freeway Anaheim California. Montessori Academy of Anaheim CA provide pre kindergarten program and we committed to the development of the whole child in a loving and nurturing environment. A Montessori education must include many facets of development: the intellectual pursuits, psychological well-being, physical development, and social awareness. These facets of development are interlocked within an applied philosophy that allows encouraging the child to grow to his or her fullest potential.

The school offers programs for children 18 months of age to 9 years, with before and after school daycare. Our Toddler Community program caters to the tiny tots of 18 months to 30 months. Our Primary program caters to the preschool student while the Lower Elementary program covers grades 1 through 3. Our newly refurbished class rooms are fully equipped with Montessori material, and the large play areas support a variety of healthy physical activity.

This Anaheim Montessori school believes that development occurs in an enriched environment where the child is encouraged and challenged. They are neither hurried nor hindered. They work independently, direct themselves to the materials of their choice until they satisfy their inner needs for learning.

Our teachers work with children individually, by introducing materials and providing guidance when needed. A primary task is to observe each child in order to determine his or her needs. With this knowledge, the teacher can introduce materials appropriate to each child’s growth level. The method of teaching is indirect in that it neither imposes upon the child as in direct teaching, nor abandons the child in a non-directive, permissive approach. The teacher is constantly alert to the sensitive needs of the child and actively works with the child to achieve his or her goals.

Partnership of school and home is pivotal in pre kindergarten program, early childhood education. At our montesorri school, we embrace this premise and look forward to the engagement of the parent and teacher to achieve an exciting learning experience for our students.

We hope that each child may develop a loving attitude towards others and the world.