Primary Program

Montessori Academy of Anaheim Primary school classroom (ages 30 months – 6+ years) is an environment that encourages the child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn by engaging him/her in purposeful, developmentally appropriate and self-directed activities. The flexibility of this environment allows the child’s needs to be nurtured regardless of ability, social maturity, or learning style.

Our program offers both part time and full time schedules. Our grounds are spacious and offer three beautiful playgrounds with a park-like setting which includes shade trees, walking trails, basketball courts, climbing structures, slides, and swings.

Our classrooms have numerous windows. Each classroom is filled with stimulating Montessori materials and exciting activities, which encourages learning and promotes independence. Included in our program is weekly Bible study, Spanish, music appreciation and physical education.

Our optional extra-curricular activities offered are gymnastics, dance, ceramics and art pallet.