Toddler Community

Montessori Academy of Anaheim, Toddler activities in Toddler Community is a place for each child to explore at his or her own pace and to become a part of a community of peers. Through collaborative work, the child gains self-esteem, inner discipline, self-awareness, and friendships in a supportive and loving environment.

Practical life activities include many of the everyday tasks families do at home. Young children delight in working alongside adults in sweeping, washing windows, polishing wood, baking bread, making salsa, and learning to dress themselves.

Sensory-Motor Coordination activities are designed to aid a child in developing concentration through repetition while allowing for integration of the mind and body through large motor activity. These activities include bead stringing, grading and sorting activities, puzzles, cutting, gluing, sewing, and pushing and pulling large objects such as wagons and wheel barrows.

The Toddler Community is alive with language. The children are exposed to language through informal and formal lessons. Language activities include objects and cards to enhance the child’s growing vocabulary as well as opportunities for self-expression.