Cultural Subjects

At Montessori Academy of Anaheim, children will be introduced to history and geography as early as age 18 months, through books, songs and manipulatives. As the kids begins to master skills they will be introduced to specially designed maps and begin to learn the names of the world’s continents and countries. Later the students begin to see the world’s cultures in greater depth. They will learn to treasure the richness of their own cultural heritage and those of their friends.

These areas are an integral element of the Montessori curriculum. Among other things, they represent a way of life: a clear thinking approach to gathering information and problem solving. The scope of the Cultural Subjects curriculum includes a sound introduction to botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, geology and astronomy which cultivates the child’s fascination with the universe and helps them develop a lifelong interest in observing nature and discovering more about the world in which we live.

Music and movement education are also important parts of the curriculum, as well as, the Arts. They offer children ways to express themselves, their feelings, experiences and ideas.